Margaret’s Garden Adult Daycare is your locally owned Adult Day Care for Seniors on the Move. We specialize in care to meet the needs of the whole individual.

The dignity of the individual is always the focus of our work. At Margaret’s Garden, we are bound to the principles of humanity, tolerance and social equity, and we regard self-determination as a person’s greatest asset. This is reflected in our daily work with the clients.

Whether it’s helping with the little things of daily life as a senior citizen or a high degree of attention–we care about our clients and making them as happy and comfortable with us as possible. Sensitivity, respect, and understanding all shape how our qualified and dedicated nursing staff deal with clients, thus creating a trusting and personal relationship.

Here are a few of our daily activities:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Musical Entertainment, such as Sing-A-longs
  • Mental Stimulation Games, such as Bingo
  • Stretching or other Gentle Exercises
  • Discussion Groups(Books Films, Current Events)
  • Holiday and Birthday Celebrations
  • Local Outings